Y’May As Well Throw The Towel In

Did you know it’s only 33 days till the ruddy, fat, fella pops down your chimney?


10 Days till you can open your first window on the advent calendar…


And a week or so till all those Christmas parties, festive drinks and family meet ups begin…that’s if they haven’t started already.


It’s probably not the right time to start a weight loss goal.

It’s probably not the right time to start pursuing a goal to increase your energy.

It’s probably not the right time to boost your confidence and improve your mood.


And despite what every copy-cat cliché fitness trainer around the country is telling you…


It’s probably not the right time to pursue the task of fitting yourself into that ‘little black dress’


So whatever progress you’ve made through 2017 up until till now…


Y’may as well throw the towel in.


But WAIT ONE SECOND young whipper snapper!


Did you know that out of all of our months in the year, December is actually our busiest time?


It’s also the time when we see our clients get some of their best results?


Weird huh?


Let me explain…


Unlike every other fitness company…


We don’t do ‘28 day challenges’ here.

We don’t use ‘2 week blitz’s’

We don’t encourage ‘Little Black Dress’ plans…


We use the same fat busting, confidence building, figure changing, mood boosting, sleep improving, happiness promoting formula we use for all the other 11 months of the year.




Because it works.


Short term plans though…


= Short term results.


We don’t do that here.


We help you transform for good.


And to do that your personal strategy needs to be able to weather the storms.


It needs to be able to deal with whatever life throws at it.


It needs to be sustainable. (And no, you cannot live on shakes forever)


The seasons will come. The seasons will go.



Valentines Day.


Your Summer Holidays.


If your plan doesn’t allow enough flexibility for you to continue getting results through these annual events and continues to make you feel guilty and angry at yourself when you can’t sustain it ….then it isn’t the plan for you.


So don’t throw the towel in my friend.


With our new girls averaging half a stone to stone loss in weight in their first month.


December can be YOUR month for success too, let me show you how: www.xceleratefitness.co.uk/apply


Scott ‘Ho Ho Ho’ Marsh

Personal Trainer Marlow

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