It is hard to know where to start to express my sincere thanks and admiration for Scott and the entire Xcelerate team.

Looking back on my journey I was the epitome of a yo-yo dieter and had probably tried most diets on the market with some success however always ultimately ended up back to square one. 

In early 2020, I had some medical issues and decided enough was enough and started again, this time with a renewed determination to get to my goal and stay there. I had trained with Scott on and off before but life always seemed to get in the way, so when I reached out to him with my newfound spirit, he responded quickly and we had our first zoom consult. We decided on 2 training sessions per week with nutrition support which were virtual to start with, and I stuck to my nutrition plan sending my measurements religiously every Friday. 

The results were steady and after 15 months I had reached my target weight, dropped 8 dress sizes and managed to run a half marathon!! 

My son has also started to train with Scott and we added a 3rd session each week with Jason who is equally as fantastic. 

The variety of the programmes and the knowledge, understanding and encouragement of the coaches is infectious, nothing is too much trouble and the support is second to none. This is not just a gym it is a fun family that have absolutely made a huge difference to my life. 

Now to smash the next goal of a full Marathon with the support of the team – I know I will make it!


RichieSince the age of 18 I’ve spent the majority of my time as a typical “skinny-fat” bloke, with minor muscle mass and a deluded impression of my own physique. Following on from a trip traveling to Nepal, Thailand and Laos, I realised the painful truth could no longer be hidden; I was losing my hair! I also returned to playing rugby and was neither strong enough nor fit enough for the level I wanted to play at, but this was of far less concern than my precious hair!

And thus my plan to build a physique to take away from my diminishing hairline was born.

How did it go you might ask? Not well. 9 months (on and off) I worked away at the gym, running, lifting weights, eyes glazing as they read yet another handy magazine tip to “Build Arms Like These in 6 Weeks”. Every new program they put in there (particularly the Superhero ones) I tried. Did I look like Thor? Good Lord, no! I had next-to-no idea what I was doing. My energy levels were in the toilet, but I just didn’t know any better. I’d felt like that for so long I’d forgotten how to feel AWESOME! My nutrition was terrible, particularly for someone who doesn’t deal with carbs well: A carb-heavy breakfast, whey protein shakes any time I felt hungry, two sandwiches for lunch, then another PWO Whey shake, and then dinner. This was pretty much my routine, made palatable to myself because “it worked for Chris Evans/Chris Hemsworth/Some guy with really awesome abs most likely called Chris”. And then March came - a disaster!!

My full-time profession kicked into high gear and given I wasn’t really seeing the results expected I let my workouts slide. I could see over the course of the month my size increasing. Stress + Terrible, unsuitable Nutrition x Lack of Activity = the photo you see here (the one of me looking fat and unhappy!)

I realised it was time to call in the experts. The cookie-cutter program approach was clearly not working. This led me to Scott at Xcelerate Fitness, who jumped at the chance to help me. We had our consult. I was fat. This much I knew. 29% of my body though? Wow. At least I “carried it well”. We embarked on “Operation 8 Per Cent”. 20% gone.

I currently hover around the 10% mark, having trained with Scott one session a week for the last year. My sessions with Scott are always fun. They are intense, mentally tough and earn me some pretty odd looks in the gym, but they produce RESULTS. Throughout the last year, Scott has offered great advice and given support that has got me through plenty of difficult periods - when I started my shoulders were so bad through rugby injuries I could barely lift my arm above my head, let alone a weight. You should see me overhead press now – you would not believe it is the same person.

And I think that is the point. I am not the same person. I’m far more AWESOME – Richie 2.0 if you will. I’ve had to learn that building the body you want is not a linear path. I’ve learnt what foods work for me and which don’t, and how your diet can make you feel awesome. I’ve learnt about how to set a long term goal and the short term goals that go along to achieving the main. I’ve learnt the power of a good support network, how important consistency is, how to get back on track when you fall of the wagon and how insane what I was doing before was - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is officially nuts!

If you read this and you’d like to learn this and more, have struggled with any of these, or you simply want to get on the path to being the healthiest, happiest, very best version of yourself then I urge, no – INSIST you contact Xcelerate Fitness.


It was the ring around my middle that led me to see Scott at Xcelerate Fitness.

 I’ve been running and going to the gym for years but nothing would shift the stubborn fat. I booked in for a consultation with Scott, thinking that I would treat myself for one month of nutritional consultancy – but here I am some 8 months later. I’m hooked!

Scott identified that my diet was all out of place and that I was consuming a diet that was near on 90% carbohydrate and that things had to change.

It wasn’t pleasant coming off sugar. The first month had it’s lows and I felt quite ill to begin with. However I was very determined in sticking to the guidance.

First month done. Bodyfat down 6%.

Seeing my body change I decided to upgrade and become a PT client with Xcelerate.I loved every second.

I live in the real world and eating out is always something I enjoy. Scott helped me pick the right foods depending on where I went.

Each week Scott would check in with me and adjust food if needed. As I got leaner it was great to hear that I was actually allowed more and more food and even have some of my sweet treats again!

Every day I kept a diary to help me keep track of my food, what exercise I did and any questions I had to ask. Scott always answered in mere minutes in his usual way full of enthusiasm and positivity.

 I’m still very much in the zone. Scott has showed me how foods work for me and my body. This whole journey has been a real eye opener. Not only has my body visually changed I have hit PB after PB after PB in all of my different races!

If you want to change the way you look and feel, go and see Scott. He’ll help you take that first step and guide you every step of the way.

Be strong! Stick with it! You can do it!


Throughout my twenties I trained in a rather hit and miss fashion. Always 3x10, always heavy and I always ate whatever I wanted. This included 6000 calorie trips to McDonalds on a Friday.

I also always claimed I just wanted to be as big and strong as I could be. Thus I was bulking.

In truth, I never had the motivation to change my diet.

In the summer approaching my 29th birthday I decided to give the whole diet thing a go. I dramatically cut my carbohydrate intake to below 20g per day and lost 10kg in 7 weeks.

I also lost a fair chunk of muscle mass, was now very tired, and then realised I didn't know what to do next.

I knew I couldn't keep carbs out any longer, my body was done with that. I also knew I had been training in the same way for a very long time with no periodisation and just bulk to show for it.

If I was going to get this right I needed some guidance.

Hence my search for Scott.

My consultation session was in August '13, Scott confirmed that generally I was functioning ok, no real injuries, but I was carrying far too much body fat. 22.7% in fact. Additionally that my stomach measurement was on the verge of a diabetes warning.

I explained my goal of 10% by March the following year for an annual holiday and that I needed his help in learning how to drop bodyfat a controlled manner. Scott claimed 10% was achievable with a good amount of work and our 7 month goal was set.

Scott drilled that consistency was key. I ended up really liking the structure this gave me thought the day.

Two things make Scott different: The callipers and his expertise.

The callipers bring motivation through the tracking of week by week progression. If you get on the scales and they don't move, you think you haven't lost any weight. In truth, you may have lost body fat and gained lean body mass in equal measure. Scott and his callipers track this change for you. So in those weeks where you feel nothing has changed and you have worked so hard, you come away from your session with him knowing the effect your week has had and motivated to continue.

7 Months later I achieved my goal and much much more

As two pieces of advice for any prospective clients or anyone thinking of taking this on with Scott.

  1. Do it with Scott, it's tough without those callipers, the expertise to read what they mean and his sunny disposition to keep you going.
  2. Listen to him when he tells you to walk, I wish I had started a little earlier with it. It made one hell of a difference. You wouldn't think it, but it really does.


I have always considered myself fit and healthy but have never had the body confidence that should come with it. For as long as I can remember I have been conscious of my body and covering up the bits I don’t like!

I wanted to change that and decided to set myself a goal. I needed something to aim for and I needed a real reason not to keep snacking and binge eating at the weekends.

I saw a poster for a body transformation challenge and thought yes! This is just what I’ve been looking for. A great way to watch my progress and keep me on track.

So with 17 weeks from the first photo to the final one, we set to work and Scott put a nutritional plan together for me. Tracking my progress and changing my foods when they needed. I was eating a lot more than I thought I would be and got some fantastic results!

I can’t express how glad I am that I approached Scott, there is no way I could have done this without his knowledge and enthusiasm. And the best thing of all, even though my aim was to lose body fat, it never felt like I was on a diet!

I prepared all my own meals and I learnt so much about the foods I was eating. I had never looked at nutrition like this before and had the common misconceptions that most people do. I thought I was eating well, including fruit and veg and always picking the “healthy labels” on things. But as soon as I changed a few of my eating habits, and reigned in my overeating, my transformation happened!

I can’t believe the progress I made in such a short amount of time. And I feel that this is just the beginning! I am definitely going to keep these positive changes in my life and take Scott’s advice with me.

Scott is absolutely SUPERB and I cannot recommend his services enough. I have 100% confidence in him and what he can do. I would not go to anyone else!


I initially started training with Scott after several months of being office bound caused me to put on a few lbs. I spoke to Scott and told him that my primary goal was to shed 10% bodyfat whilst not losing any weight. As a secondary long term goal it was my target to gain 20lbs of lean muscle.

I started in October 2011 on a tough diet that Scott put together for me, and within just 2 weeks I had already shed 6% bodyfat whilst gaining 6lbs of lean muscle. Hello abs is all I can say! 2 months down the line and I am firmly sitting at around 10% (I began at 20%) whilst I continue to add muscle to my frame.

Following Scott's 'rules' is not what I would call easy. The first few days of removing my body's addictions to sugar was tough and there were many weak moments when I popped Scott a text saying I couldn't go on. As always though he was back to me in minutes giving me some scientific babble about why I should stay on the wagon and what was actually happening inside my body. As well as some dramatic visual change, the new energy levels I have grown used to are nothing short of outstanding!

My sessions with Scott are always fun. They are intense, action packed and put me in some pretty weird positions, but they produce RESULTS. Scott always makes sure I understand the hows and the whys of the exercise and drills technique until I am ready to be loaded. We often spend time simply practising technique to ensure I am stable in all the right places to ensure I remain injury free. It's a shame this level of care is not always carried out by others in the industry.

I have noticed such a difference in myself: wider shoulders, bigger chest, noticable abs and that classic V shape I have always wanted. Without Scott I could not have achieved this. I have no hesitation in recommending him as your number one call if you want to get in shape fast!


When I joined Xcelerate Fitness I was feeling lethargic, low, fat and lacking in energy.

Before I met the guys, I had tried EVERYTHING. I tried yo yo dieting, removing all my carbs, over exercising, cutting out fats etc.

No matter how hard I tried, It never worked, my body felt tired, my mood was low, I’d get ‘hangry’ and weeks later fall off the wagon before starting the whole cycle again.

I also really struggled with my mindset. I felt like I could never see things through and really struggled with consistency. I was a typical ‘dieter’ that gave up when I couldn’t see results fast enough.

I trained 3 x per week with William as my coach and Scott supported me with the nutritional side of things, programming and mindset element. The best combination of support I could ever ask for.

In my first month I was SHOCKED by my results. In just 3 weeks I lost 11lbs and 14% of my bodyfat.

The main thing I gained from my experience was learning to be happy in myself and my own skin as learning and appreciating that things don’t happen in a split second and it takes a lot of hard work.

I have loved how social it is at the gym. I’ve gained such a great social network. It’s like one big family.

The 3 best things about Xcelerate Fitness are:

  • The Accountability – You’re not just letting yourself down if you don’t show up
  • The People – They’re amazing! Supportive, friendly and non-judgemental
  • The Atmosphere – It’s brilliant! It makes you feel happy and positive just walking in. Putting the FUN into transformation has turned out to be the key factor in me finally achieving success.”


I lost it in Lockdown...

In January 2020 I was 65kgs and 44% body fat. I was size 12/10 I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this size, but I have quite a small frame and felt like I had a lot of belly fat to lose.

2019 was a challenging year for me I was diagnosed with severe pre-cancerous cells in my cervix and had to get an operation. There were a few complications over the months and instead of bouncing back I wallowed in self-pity and comfort food and drink.

I need to look good for my job so decided to do something about it.

Scott and Helen at Xcelerate devised a weekly fitness plan for me and Scott also looked in detail to my diet and we found there might be some allergies or foods that were not agreeing with me, with some minor adjustments I had found I could still eat a lot of the foods I loved.

During lockdown the team still kept me motivated via zoom and Scott launched Talky Tuesday’s which educated us on everything from gut health, vegan eating tips and food habits.

Every week my body fat went down and I’m happy to say I’m now back into my size 10 jeans (almost an 8!) and my body fat is 21%. Thanks to the team at Xcelerate for helping me get to my goal...even in lockdown!


I have always struggled with my weight…I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been worried about what I was eating or how I looked.  I was a classic example of a yo yo dieter; always keen to join slimming clubs or buy the latest diet books and manage to lose some weight quickly, only to  put it all back on.  With a little bit more too!

I just couldn’t get on with counting points or syns and it was easy to make excuses to myself to miss weigh-ins.  I hated the queuing up at the scales listening to the surprise of people who had lost weight even though they’d been ‘naughty’. Then there was the cringiness of public and collective empathy when the barriers to my weight loss that week were discussed during the ‘therapy’ session. With such busy groups I felt I wasn’t missed by anyone and could slip away quietly.

For a few years, I was a serial slimming club hopper! I think that from a young age I have had an unhealthy relationship with food.  I used it as an emotional prop; using binges either to reward myself when things were going well or as comfort or even punishment.  I have viewed food as my enemy for probably over 45 years and haven’t done any exercise to speak of.

When the facebook advert for xcelerate popped up on my phone, I hadn’t consciously been thinking about changing my life.  Although I was aged 55, size 24 and very unfit, struggling to find the energy to cope with a stressful and demanding work and home life, I was and am basically a happy person with close friends and loving family.

But, my father had died at 56 and I was aware that I was a ticking time bomb.  Every trip to the GP ended up with him telling me I was morbidly obese (even if I went with a sore throat).

But, it was something unexpected that finally pushed me to do something.  I overheard a colleague describing me as ‘the big, blonde lady’ whilst using her hands to show just how big and puffing her cheeks out.  The woman was nothing to me…I hardly knew her but I was devastated.  I felt humiliated and embarrassed and went home really upset – inconsolable even.

Once I’d pulled myself together I looked up the facebook post again and e-mailed Scott for more information about the xcelerate programme.  After a false start when I had an attack of nerves and didn’t show for the meeting, I met with him for an initial consultation.

I immediately felt totally at ease with Scott.  He was honest with me, but funny, supportive and kind.  Totally non-judgemental. I felt that he really wanted to understand what made me tick and could help me to get my life on track.

I signed up for three sessions in the gym per week.  The earlier the better as I knew that I would find less reasons to cancel sessions – my 6am slot in the gym did not impact on any other commitments I had in my life, end of excuses!

I had never trained in a gym before, let alone with a personal trainer.  The first morning, I had no idea what to wear – which was almost my first excuse to cancel!  If I hadn’t made a financial commitment to the programme up front I think I would have wimped out of that first session.  I felt so nervous.

Scott introduced me to 3 other ladies.  All really friendly, down to earth and having a similar battle with their weight and fitness.  Scott quickly made an assessment of my fitness and flexibility (zero) and set a programme that was challenging for me, but achievable.  He took a holistic approach; always adjusting things to take care of my twinging back or clicky knee while explaining which muscles were working and chatting to me all the time, keeping me interested and motivated.

It was Scott’s  patience, humour and positivity that kept me going during those early weeks; his belief in me helped me to believe in myself.  Scott’s regular motivational messages seemed to come at just the right times too.

In no time at all, I was enjoying the sessions and looking forward to seeing the girls and Scott.  There’s a lot of laughter in those sessions. I got a real buzz from seeing my % body fat decreasing and my lean muscle mass increasing.  I became less hung up on how many lb I’d lost and was beginning to feel energetic and healthy!

After years of trying so many different diets, I finally felt that I could succeed because my goal had changed.  I now aspired to be LEAN and TONED rather than just slim.  I became more interested in how my lean muscle mass had increased than how much weight I had lost – although that was still important.  I became less worried about counting calories and more focused on eating natural, healthy foods that were filling me up with goodness and the nutrients I needed.  I felt more educated about nutrition and keeping my diet balanced and interesting – although I do have a life and enjoy social eating and drinking more than I ever have.

A year on and I’m still part of the xcelerate family, still steadily improving my lean muscle and losing the fat.  The only blip I’ve had on the chart was during a month in Italy…wine and pasta combo for a month!  The difference now is that I was able to get straight back on it; the old me would have given up and put all the weight back on.

My husband says I’ve become a fitness freak…which is so untrue but one of the best compliments he’s ever paid me!  I feel like I have a new lease of life with new interests and friends alongside what I have always enjoyed. I recently ran a 5K charity event and am now learning kick boxing.  Kick boxing at 56!  My kids love it. My nick name is killa grannie – which I love!  Who’d have thought it a year ago.  Not me!


Scott at Xcelerate Fitness was highly recommended to me by my sister who achieved some amazing body toning results with him. I came to Scott looking for a goal I could focus on and pursue. I wanted to lose a little body fat, tone up and generally feel better about myself. And BOY DO I NOW! (Still can't quite believe I writing this.. but I have a six pack!!)

I had a pretty good diet beforehand avoiding processed foods and eating clean natural foods but I was struggling to lose any weight. I was eating too much! Scott helped me understand what portion sizes I should be eating and gave me support whenever I needed it. Turns out... I don't need a huge bowl of porridge before every training session!

I've learnt that I don't need to stuff my face before exercising and I won't suddenly lose all energy half way though! Eating a couple of hours beforehand keeps me going with no noticeable fatigue 🙂

I've dropped 10% body fat in just 5 months from 27% down to 17% - And I couldn't be happier 🙂
Scott's nutritional knowledge is off the scale - there’s nothing this man doesn't know. He's friendly, approachable and knows how to get results.

I would definitely recommend Xcelerate Fitness to all my friends and family.


Thanks again Coach!


I turned to Scott for help after a few months of skipping the gym and completely lost all motivation to keep in shape. I felt I had let myself go slightly. I had always kept reasonably fit and believed my diet was fairly heathy but with the occasional weekend takeaways and far to many lunchtime sandwiches. I couldn't seem to stick to a healthy eating plan for any length of time and didn't really know where to start to make any significant improvements. My biggest problem was my energy levels. With early mornings and a busy lifestyle I felt constantly shattered which was really having an impact on my life. It's hard to go to the gym in the evenings when you fall asleep on the sofa the moment you get home from work!

Within 2 weeks of my plan my energy levels have significantly improved and I saw huge changes in my body shape. I was enjoying healthy home cooked food and felt so much more organised with lunches prepared the night before made my eating plan so much easier to stick to.  Keeping track of my carb/protein and fats each day really helped to maintain what I needed to be eating each day.

Bi weekly appointments with Scott to be Callipered and discuss any changes needed were excellent motivation. In between meetings it's easy to loose focus and motivation but a quick meeting with Scott and seeing continuing loss of body fat completely spurs you on to keep going and get the results I desperately wanted to see.

Three months on I feel like a new person. I am no longer tired during the day. I have bags more energy and spring out the office in the evenings straight to the gym! Physically I am over the moon at the results I have achieved and can't believe it's the same legs I am looking at in the mirror.

Looking forward to continuing results and can't thank Scott enough for his encouragement and help in transforming not only my body but also my happiness 🙂


I have always been someone who wanted to look after myself and train in the gym as regularly as possible , but like many I had a lot of days of low motivation & a diet that would easily slip into the junk food category as a result of losing motivation or telling myself that I'll get back on it next week.

So after 3 months of falling out of my usual gym schedule and an indulgent christmas I really thought it was time to seek some expert advice not only for the knowledge but also for the motivation , I had a goal in my head and I was determined to reach it , I wanted to be super lean and break scotts calipers to the point where I was so lean he couldn't read it , and well after a little less than 4 months I achieved that.

Training with scott and having my Bodyfat measured every two weeks was the motivation I needed , scotts knowledge and ability to tweak my diet as and when needed to keep achieving positive results was superb , in fact from day 1 and every other meeting I had with scott I had made significant gains in muscle and lost fat every time , the help & knowledge of supplements and tracking daily macros was really what I was lacking before , I feel so much much energised and wealthier in knowledge about my body , nutrition & training , it has now become a lifestyle for me which has become habit , I no longer crave or miss any foods , I feel extremely comfortable with my diet and feel like I now know exactly how to continue making progress and getting results.

Thanks for the journey & the gains Mr Marsh


Like most people, January the 1st was a time for reflection. Having graduated from University over a year and a half ago I was noticing that I was beginning to lose my figure. Post work drinks, quick food on the go and a never ending barrage of office based birthday celebrations certainly didn't help matters.

I had tried dieting many time before. I was always miserable and lasted just mere days before calling it quits. This time around something had to give, so I got in contact with Scott at Xcelerate Fitness.

Scott assured me that with hard work and dedication I could rapidly transform my figure in a very short space of time. He told me that the protocols he would use would be tough, but would ultimately be worth it if I could just stick to the plan. 'The principles always work, if you work the principles' he kept saying.

The food was bland and the exercise was tough, but Scott's encouragement and clear experience in guiding people through these early stages kept me pushing further. It was great to see my legs and bum rapidly disappearing and my long lost abdominals re-appearing in the mirror day by day.

Well I am pleased to report that with Scott's support in just 20 days I have made leaps and bounds towards a new me. Already I am 9lbs lighter and 5% body fat down! This is just the beginning of my journey, but the fact that I have made more progress in just over two weeks than I ever have in my life is certainly encouraging.

There has been more than just the change in the mirror however. My skin has improved, my motivation to tackle new tasks has emerged and my dwindling energy levels of the past are now cured. This is all down to Scott's expert nutritional guidance throughout the process.

Everyone will tell you that you can't get results in less than a month. If you still think this then I would definitely reconsider what you have been told and check out Scott at Xcelerate Fitness


Louis WilliamsHaving had to drop out of Rugby 2 to 3 years ago due to chronic back issues, my motivation for the sport and any type of fitness took a huge nose dive.

As my motivation waned I grew more and more frustrated as I saw myself losing my fitness as well as the scales rising at a rapid rate. I really was in the worst shape of my life.

Having looked at Scott's success stories it was clear that this guy meant business. My initial aims when joining Xcelerate Fitness were to get back to the shape I was in 2/3 years ago, whilst trying to improve my core stability and posture to support my back condition. This was all in the hope that it would get me back on the field!

To get to my peak condition I set a tough goal of dropping around 10-15kg in less than three months. I knew it would be a challenge but Scott was confident that with the right mindset and dedication to the cause we would make good leeway towards this goal as well as getting my old fitness levels back if not BETTER than it they were before.

Scott set a gruelling schedule where we would train 3 times per week whilst following a rigid nutritional schedule. Having struggled with diets in the past I actually found Scott's plan easy to follow and adhere to. It ofcourse made it a lot easier when he was on your back the whole time and there to offer support on how to navigate those inevitable social situations.

By the 2 month mark I was already 13kg (29lbs) down and I could begin seeing the 'old me' quickly returning. As well as ofcourse the awesome change in my body composition I have received, it was great to get back to heavy lifting again. A lot of my problems lay in tecnique and it was good to follow a periodised program that allowed me to improve each and every week. Whats more it was great to train in a positive environment where I could have a laugh as well as training hard. I am now front squatting with substantial load and best of all NO BACK PAIN.

I can happily say that I am ready to get back on the pitch this coming season.


I joined Xcelerate Fitness with the initial aims of losing a stone, to fit back into my jeans and to tone up all the bits that I found too 'wobbly' from previous weight loss efforts.

In less than two months I have achieved just what I set out to do and more! In total I have lost a stone and a half in less than two months and several inches all over!

I have trained with several personal trainers in the past and no one has come close to the level of dedication and expertise that Scott has. He really knows his stuff! Whilst training with other PT's I was left frustrated and fed up that my goals were not being takem seriously and I was not seeing the results regardless of what they taught me.

Right from day one Scott took the time to listen to my concerns and never brushed off anything I ad to say. He provides the encouragement that makes me want to progress further in my training and provides just the right level of support that I need to see me through the various phases. This was especially important in the early days, when I was adjusting to my new healthy lifestyle.

The support that Scott provides is fantastic. I always know I can drop him an email or text and I know he will respond to me as soon as he can. I like the fact that Scott takes on every client's goals and is dedicated to helping them achieve it.

Scott is always happy, lively and pleased to see everyone and that really lifts my mood regardless of what type of day I have had at work. I laugh a lot in my sessions which doesn't make them seem such a chore. Using a variety of amusing nick names, Scott pushes me out of my comfort zone each and every session. Although sometimes having to push through some resistance, Scott has got me coming around to the idea that 'change is good'.

I can't fault Scott as a trainer. He knows his stuff and knows how to get the best out of all his clients. Most importantly though he makes the whole process enjoyable along the way.


Adam ForderI have been training with Scott since September 2012. I dislocated my kneecap playing rugby 5 years ago and since then gained a great deal of weight and lost most of my fitness and strength.

Since working with Scott I have lost over 18kg (42lbs) whilst gaining 3 kilos (6lbs) of muscle mass. My bodyfat has dropped from 30% down to 11% and I have never felt better. Scott, throughout, has offered amazing advice and given support that has got me through plenty of dark patches. The depth of knowledge, whether it is nutritional, mechanical or something else he has gained is truly incredible. The advice given to me by Scott has helped me not only obtain a better physique with greater strength and fitness but has left me feeling confident once more.

About six months into training with Scott my weight was starting to Plateau, so he created a 12 week challenge; needless to say the results were incredible. In 12 weeks I lost 9.8kg (22lbs) losing 7.9% bodyfat. Without Scott’s guidance I would never have been able to drop the weight in the way I have now done.

Scott is a good lad, he is friendly, approachable and provides a good crack whilst training. The only bad thing about training with Scott is forking out to buy an entire new wardrobe!

I will leave you with this. Whilst at an anniversary party a family friend of my girlfriend of nearly 3 years, who I met roughly two years ago, spoke with my girlfriend’s mum asking if I was her new boyfriend. My girlfriend’s mum replied “no, you met him two years ago”. The family friend look confused and was so certain that I was not the same person that for the rest of the evening she intensely questioned my girlfriend as to who the far larger man she was bringing along to family events 2 years ago was. Needless to say that person was in fact me. This story shows that with Scott’s guidance and training I have literally become a different person.


Sarah AnnisHaving shocked myself one day having realised those mid life pounds creeping on without me noticing, I set myself the goal of feeling fit and fabulous at 45. It was clear that I needed to change my diet and lifestle for good.

Having been to the gym on and off for years with varying success, pounding away for hours on a cross trainer always failed to deliver the results I was looking for. I had a growing collection of unused exercise equipment in the garage and a growing waistline, it was time for an alternative approach that delivered results quickly.

From the first consulation it is clear that Scott is very different from many of the personal trainers that operate out of large gyms. With his excellent knowledge and easy approach of encouraging changes to diet and exercise habits, I signed up my husband and I to train semi privately. I was confident that with Scott we could get great results.

The dietary changes we made in the first couple of weeks were challenging, but Scott was always on hand with guidance and suggestions for getting through the cravings and providing us with alternative food suggestions.

The dietary changes combined with an excellent training program delivered the rapid weight loss Scott had predicted. Having seen such huge losses so soon was extremely motivating and really spurred us on Scott knew this was the key to change. One of the best things besides the weight loss was the fact that I now have more energy than ever before!

The new diet is now normal and how we cook and eat everyday.

Work out sessions with Scott are huge fun, challenging, hard work and motivational. The routine changes regularly so there is no boredom. I really enjoy how Scott has motivated me through even the hardest exercises which I have complained my way through until they actually become easy! - What a sense of achievement!

For me, the results I love most: toned arms with strength, my injured knees are stronger, my ankles more mobile, thinner legs for summer shorts, slimmer all over. The very best bit, everyone says how well I look!

In my first 8 weeks I lost over 20lbs, 6.4% bodyfat and dropped at least a dress size.

So do I feel fit and fabulous for 45...I sure do! Michelle Brewester

I met Scott a few months ago when I enrolled at my local gym. Immediately I was impressed by his eagerness to help me achieve my goals.

I changed gyms as I felt I was getting nowhere fast, stuck on cardio-vascular machines and not seeing any improvement in weight loss or indeed my shape.

Scott guided me through a new exercise regime without a single CV machine in sight. Each exercise aimed to improve my strength, posture and shape using free weights, kettlebells, swiss balls and many other new pieces of equipment.

I can safely assure you that in just 2 months working with Scott I finally began to see a change! I lost 8.1% fat ad overall I reduced my size by losing a massive 7cm off each arm, 10cm off each thigh and 26cms off my waist!

Scott has changed the way I look at food - he has put me on the right track. He will happily clarify that I was dubious to change my eating habits and I was looking forward to prove him wrong. Sadly this wasn't the case!

I love the way Scott knows what I needed to acquire the size/shape that I was after and tailor made my programmes to suit my needs whilst still pushing the limits.

I would recommend Scott in a heartbeat! His enthusiasm, enncouragement and energy alone makes it a great experience. Scott gives you 100% respect and I would trust him with any new goal I had in the future.


I initially went to train with Xcelerate Fitness to shed 2 stone and boost my energy levels. As a professional golfer I was also keen to boost my sports specific strength and focus on my postural alignment to help my game.

Right from our very first meeting I was impressed by Scott's focus on health and his general approach to getting people fit. What sets him aside from other personal trainers is his knowledge. Unlike most trainers Scott's programmes are carefully planned, scientifically backed and periodised to ensure he gets the best results for his clients. He is able to build an effective programme even around the most hectic of schedules...even mine!

In less than 5 months I have lost over 3 stone in weight, I have lost inches off of my waist and over 10% bodyfat. To top this, my energy levels are improved and I am already noticing big differences in my performance on the course.

I have loved my time working with Scott. His sessions are grueling but at the same time always fun and exciting. Most importantly though I have been impressed by the near instantaneous results that I have got since day one and that I still receive to this day!

Do not think twice in booking Scott for your upcoming weight loss journey. This guy delivers!


Yes thats 71 year old me competing in the 10 mile Cabbage Patch event in Twickenham on October 20th 2013  and it illustrates what a long way i've come since I started training with Scott some two years ago. He has helped and encouraged me to attempt and achieve what I did not think was possible both in the gym- never thought I would do 'chin ups'- and outside running in the park nearby as well on the track at Handy Cross once he realised I wanted to optimise my running which I had just started when i met him.

With Scott's help I currently hold all the age category records from 800m. to 10 miles at the local running clubs.

You may ask How come?

Well Scott's programs are individually geared to what you say are your goals at the outset. Mine initially was simply to stave off or slow down the aging process.

As well as helping me do this, through thorough investigation he also identified many others for us to work on. For instance my posture was affected by many years hunched over a PC. He has managed to create programs that not only slow the aging process (I am the leanest I have EVER been in my life), but have dramtically helped my posture and improved my sports.

Because the programs are varied and change every 3-4 weeks they are never dull. The key to his approach is to to make them fun even when they hurt, but above all he makes you believe that you can do it and want to do it both for yourself and to an extent for him.

He himself does not stand still but develops his knowledge techniques by going on courses and is always on the lookout for new ideas.  His lively personality and genuine concern means his interaction with you will always be entertaining and enjoyable.

It may not be the cheapest way to get , and stay, fit and healthy (and achieve if that is your aim) but in my experience its worth every penny.


I started training with Scott at 69 years of age with my major goals being to improve my mobility, lose a bit of weight and improve my health before my 70th birthday.

It was a big decision for me to take my first steps into fitness having no exercised for many years. With this in mind I felt it was important to put my trust in the right person if I wanted to succeed.

Scott relayed to me the importance of increasing my activity gently, focussing on mobility and movement whilst adjusting my diet appropriately for my new fitness regime.

Training was hard to begin with, but Scott always had something up his sleeve to spur me on and push me closer towards my goal. Much to Scott's amusement, in the early days I used to report that the sessions were much like baging ones head against a brick wall...it was nice when it was over!

In just a few short weeks I could already see that my efforts in the gym were paying off. I moved better, I felt better but most of all I looked better and everybody was noticing: family, friends and even other members!

I had tried other plans in the past but had always put the weight back on. However, I am thrilled to report that this time I have lost over 2 stone in weight, tens of cm's off my waist, hips and legs, but most importantly have kept it off!

Weight aside however. This year marked another victory. My husband has a passion for long distance walking. Sadly it had been many years since we were able to share his passion together.  Much to both of our delight, thanks to Scott's encouragement, expert advice and programming, for the first time in years we were able to scale mountainous terrain...TOGETHER!


After suffering a scare from a deep vein thrombosis early in 2011, I was prompted to make dramatic change to how I was living and prioritise my wellbeing. My initial aim was to healthily lose two stone and rectify my health. However I was also interested in how improving my strength and flexibility could benefit my main pastime, archery.

Having been a keen runner some 20 years ago I was not quite sure what to expect when I first met Scott. The training sessions have certainly been challenging but training 1-1 has allowed me to improve quickly in an encouraging environment. Scott's enthusiasm is infectious and I have done things I would not have thought possible at the start. The training sessions are enjoyable and I like how the overall 'roadmap to success' is designed in a way that changes every few weeks in correlation with my strength and mobility improvements.

Scott has preached the importance of nutrition to me from day one. Overall I feel I have been very successful in that aspect, but an easy to use 'plug and play' nutritional plan have also made life easier. Apart from the occasional craving for bacon butties, I have not found the plan too difficult to stick to. I have actually rather enjoyed the re-introduction of salads and vegetables to my diet and have enjoyed being able to eat more than usual. As Scott will tell you, it is all just about changing habits!

Since starting in late September I have lost over 21lbs in weight and I am enjoying being told by close friends that I look 10 years younger! With the vast improvements in my strength, mobility and stability I have also managed to score 2 personal bests in archery over the same period!


Louise SpavenScott was recommended to me by my massage therapist, who said exercise, strengthening and conditioning my body was the way forward for lasting results to rid me of my aches and pains.

I was also at a stage where my weight was creeping on and I was getting very unhappy with how I looked, my clothes didn’t fit and I certainly didn’t want to go up another dress size.  Only a few years away from turning 50 I felt I had to get into gear to reverse this weight gain and get my body back into shape.

Having never seen a personal trainer I really didn’t know what to expect.  I booked a consultation with Scott who explained the format and what was expected from me if I was going to make the changes I wanted to.   So I started on my journey adhering to the exercise and nutritional plan set out for me. Scott was very easy to get along with, always greeting you with a happy smile, making every session fun, giving encouragement and assurances when needed.

Scott has bucket loads of enthusiasm and dedication to helping you reach your goal, inspiring you to want to succeed for yourself and for him. Having been through his own personal weight loss journey his empathy along with his exceptional knowledge in exercise and nutrition puts you in very good hands.

I have finished my training and have achieved what I set out to, my weight is now back to what it was around 10 + years ago, something I never dreamed could happen. I have taken up running again without the joint pains and learnt how important it is to have the correct nutrition along with any exercise plan.  So I want to say a huge thank you to Scott as I couldn’t have done it without him, and I know he is always there to continue with his support and advice.

So if you are looking for results, Scott at Xcelerate Fitness is the man you need to be talking too!


Aaron FletcherI started working with Scott in order to increase my strength, speed and power during pre-season training for the forthcoming hockey season and then in order to maintain strength and fitness levels once the season had commenced.

I was impressed from the start with the initial testing and consultation Scott undertook which enabled him to develop a suitable work-out programme focusing on my key aims and objectives, which were then constantly monitored throughout my training in order to ensure I was on track.

The programme he developed appealed to me as it involved heavy resistance training, corrective work to focus on my imbalances and sprint training. The program refreshingly comprised of exercises and strategies that were different to the way I had trained before.

Training with Scott definitely had a positive impact on my game. I havefelt stronger and faster on the pitch and less fatigued after playing. I was particularly impressed with the gains I made with my squat, which increased from an initial 60KG up to nearly 120KG and bench press up from 40KG to 65KG which have been areas I have struggled with gaining mass in the past.

Training with Scott is a real pleasure, he is motivated and friendly, and going to the gym is no longer a task!


After working hard to finish my PhD, moving cities and starting a new job, and my long-term relationship ending, I was the heaviest I’d ever been, and was feeling tired, bloated and lethargic all the time. I’d tried dieting on my own and joining a gym, but couldn’t shift any weight.

I found the Xcelerate Fitness website after a web search for personal trainers in the area, and I really liked the sound of his approach. Plus the success stories spoke for themselves! The free consultation was long and detailed, and it was clear Scott really knew his stuff, and that it was going to be a completely different approach to anything I’d tried before!

The big nutritional changes in the first month were really hard, but I soon started to see results which kept me motivated. I’ve had times where I’ve not been able to stick to the rules completely, or fit in my workouts, but Scott is always very supportive and gets me back on track!

Training with Scott is great fun! I always look forward to my weekly sessions, as I know I’ll be pushed hard and will get a great workout, but that I’ll have a laugh at the same time.

After the tough first 28 days I had lost 3.2kg and 3.1% body fat. In the 7 months since I started with Scott I have lost a total of 8.5kg and 16% body fat! I feel great, and have had to buy a whole new wardrobe!

I’m also a lot stronger and have gotten back into climbing, which was one of my aims. It’s definitely not the end of my journey yet though, I want to keep getting leaner and stronger, and I couldn’t imagine not having my weekly workout with Scott!


Now I am no gym bunny...In fact I hate exercise. But with a white dress looming and my big day approaching where everyone would be looking at me, I felt I needed to embrace the gym and get to work on my thunder thighs and bingo wings!

My friend recommended Scott Marsh of Xcelerate Fitness to me and I began training with him three months ahead of my wedding. It was a blast!

I loved every minute of our time together, he worked me hard but we had fun at the same time and dear God dare I say it, I actually began looking forward to the sessions.

As well as enjoying my training the results were amazing! I lost 15cm from my waist, 8cm from my hips and 3.5cm from the top of my thighs! Thank you Scott!


I initially came to see Scott at Xcelerate Fitness to get me into shape for my wedding with just weeks to spare! I had already been on a long road of various diet plans and programs but I knew it was time to get some quick results that this time would actually last.

I had heard about Xcelerate from a friend who had worked with Scott for many months and had rapidly changed shape. I knew I would be in safe hands!

We started our journey by laying the groundwork for our goal. Scott recommended that I began getting used to a healthy lifestyle habits before any sort of rapid transformation protocol would be used. You can tell that Scott knows his clients well. This was certainly the right step for me. Afterall Scott outlined that we should view the goal as a long term solution with the idea that I would keep the weight off even after my big day.

My fat loss adventure was certainly tough especially when I had to manage my own busy business throughout the week, but I was proud of the extent I was able to push myself and knew that Scott was always only at the end of an email or a telephone call to help me through.

During our short time together I lost over 20lbs of pure fat (a 10% drop in bodyfat), but more importantly I began to notice definition in all the places it had lacked before and my legs literally were shrinking for the first time in my life right in front of my eyes! With a week to spare I not only fitted into the wedding dress of my dreams but much to the dress makers disapproval actually had to have it taken in 2 sizes!


I am a 40 something year old mother of three teenage boys. I have always been physically active and eaten a reasonably healthy diet. At the beginning of 2013 I decided that I needed to make some positive changes to my life. I had had several operations in the previous couple of years that had left me with the unwanted legacy of an extra stone and feeling totally bored and unmotivated with exercise.

Throughout 2012 I tried to lose weight by being good and counting a few “points” but I could not sustain it, my body was crying out to me that it was not happy. I was suffering with low energy levels, poor sleep patterns, sugar rushes/crashes and hormonal irritability to name but a few.

I knew that I needed someone to help me out, a friend recommended Scott and I haven’t looked back.  Scott firstly adapted my diet, once I knew what worked for me the guidelines were easy to follow and fit in with the rest of my family meals.

Training is always fun and interesting, although hard work. Scott has helped me to re find my enjoyment of exercise and get my gym mojo back.

In a few short months I easily lost all of my unwanted pounds plus a few, dropping two dress sizes. The best thing is that I feel much calmer and even which has a positive effect on me as a person. I now feel like I am in control of my body, not my body in control of me.

Scott is always so professional and supportive, especially in the moments when it’s most needed; he is a trainer who is a pleasure to work with and one that actually cares.


I wanted to find a personal trainer who could help me get Wedding/Honeymoon ready for my wedding in January 2011. After careful consideration I chose to train with Scott. I lost over half a stone in under 4 weeks and started to look and feel like the person I use to be three years ago.

There was no doubt in my mind - I was definitely going to sign up to be a full time member, as I had 100% confidence in how Scott was approaching my training and nutrition needs.

It is now half way through November 2010, and I have 8 weeks to go until the big day. I've lost over a stone in weight, but the most impressive thing is the inch loss from different parts of my body. The lady making my dress isn't as excited as me when I do lose more weight, as she needs to keep adjusting the dress!!

Although I'm signed-up as a semi-private member, I don't feel like I'm sharing Scott with other people in my sessions. He's able to balance everyone's needs and individual programmes with great ease, and is also able to make me laugh even when we're doing interval sprints at the end of a very heavy session!

I had lost a lot of the fitness I had built up over the years, as I got lazy and had lost my 'fitness mojo'. I also couldn't do a proper press-up, not a hope in hell of me even considering doing a pull-up and my ability to lift weights was non-existent! I can now do all of the above, and am always impressed at how much weight I can lift!

I now can't wait until everyone sees me in my dress on the big day in January...but more importantly, I'm actually looking forward to donning a bikini on honeymoon!

Thank you Scott!


They say in life it’s not about the destination, but the journey. I have to agree, however it is important to have your goal in sight and to plan the best route.

This journey for me began at the beginning of October 2012, I had recently returned from a holiday in France, but instead of feeling refreshed and relaxed, I felt lethargic, fat and to make matters worse I had developed eczema. I knew no magic knickers, Gok pants or Brigette Jones’ were going to be able to conceal my excess fat and I have to say I was the heaviest I’d ever been and at and all time low in terms of esteem. I needed to do something about it, but what?  I’d got bored with diet clubs and never seemed to be able to sustain any significant weight loss. I needed a different approach and went on the Internet and discovered Xcelerate fitness, I downloaded the free Fat to Fit Guide and wow this had me interested.

I e-mailed and arranged a consultation with Scott. Oh my, what was he going to make of a fifty plus rotund woman who’s fitness level was pretty nonexistent? I was a little early for our meeting and nearly changed my mind, but then Scott appeared with a youthful vivacious enthusiasm and immediately I felt at ease.

As the weeks progressed I could feel my fitness level improve, my body shape start to change and Scott always provided motivation and support.  By New Year  I was able to go out and buy a size 10 dress, not black this time but deep raspberry, you see my confidence had grown along with my fitness and for the first time in years I felt good about myself, all my eczema had cleared up and I had loads more energy.

I can’t praise Scott highly enough, his professionalism and patience has changed my life and his nutritional expertise has provided me with the skills to make the right food choices and I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a guide to help them on their journey.


I have suffered from back problems for years and had gradually been putting on lots of weight and was feeling pretty low.  Scott was recommended to me by my sports massage therapist who thought that losing weight and strengthening my core would help my back problems so I signed up with Scott for an initial 3 months to see how it went.

Well in less than two months, I lost almost 1 1/Ž2 stone, went down almost two dress sizes and other than the odd twinge in my back, my back problems have gone.

If you’re looking at these reviews and wondering whether or not to contact Scott, I would urge you to do it, as you won’t regret it.

Scott is amazing and his enthusiasm is infectious.  I used to hate exercising but I now look forward to the sessions each week and even enjoy my exercise sessions at home as I can feel myself getting fitter and fitter each week.

I’ve still got a way to go but I’m really enjoying the journey!


After a couple of years out from sport due to injury I had tried to get my fitness up and my body back into shape but consistently failed due to serious lack of motivation. It was clear that I needed someone to give me a good old push and rid me of all the bad habits I had picked up!

After speaking with Scott I knew that the challenge of leaning up as soon as possible wouldn't be easy and would take a lot of determination and dediciation. And it did! The journey was by no means easy but it was well worth it! During our short time together I received some AMAZING results for all my hard work. In my first 19 days I lost over 7% bodyfat (14lbs of pure fat!), 12cm off my hips and 8cm off my waist.

Trying to fit my exercise in around a hectic work shedule scared the hell out of me initially especially after Scott imposed a strict bed time for me! I was also worried about the blandness of the food proposed. Very soon though everything became routine and Scott was always there to cheer me along and offer solutions to any problems I was having.

This is just the start of a whole new lifestyle change and thanks to Scott I am determined to keep it up and keep off the weight I lost.

Anyone thinking of joining Xcelerate Fitness needs to experience it first hand. It will be hard work and there will be days when you really want to give up but Scott is always in contact to get your butt back into gear and get you ready and raring to go again. Trust me, the results you get from listening to this guy will OUTSTAND you! Xcelerate Fitness are worth every penny!


I started training with Scott in September with my major aims of losing some weight, toning up and to just feel healthier in general. All I can say is that up to this point I am thrilled with the results I have received in such a short period of time.

He gave me a full (and rather lengthy) consultation before I even went near any equipment. I have had personal trainers in the past and was shocked just how different and in depth our first session together was. I immediately knew Xcelerate Fitness was for me.

Scott was able to see what my body was able and wasn't able to do and used his expert knowledge to tailor me my own individual regimen. Much to my dismay it seemed that his focus went immediately to my weaker areas, but it is satisfying to look back now from a position of increased stability and mobility at the extreme improvements that have been made.

One of my biggest challenges was making substantial change to my daily nutrition. The changes certainly were substantial! Without giving too much away I was increasing certain food groups and taking away others, but Scott had clearly done his research and was able to back up all such changes. I will not say that following his nutrition plan was easy, but it certainly paid off! Just stick with what he says and you will love the rewards!

In just 2 months I am over 8% body fat down and 2.5kg up! I have seen vast improvements in my balance, my technique, my personal dedication to diet and my ability to accept responsibility for my own goals. I have also for the first time in a while began to see my abs!

I would like to summarise by saying I enjoyed all my sessions with Scott to date. Scott adds a friendly and fun atmosphere to the sessions. So long as you put in the effort I can guarantee Scott will do his bit to get you the rapid results you dream of.


I recently completed my first 4 weeks of training with Scott

Marsh. I am 23 years old, working in a busy office in London. Since working in London, the amount of exercise I have been doing has rapidly decreased and I wanted to get back in shape to feel good about myself whilst also preparing for my wedding next year.

The training programme was a challenge, but Scott's encouragement kept me going. By simply cutting out particular parts of my diet and by introducing 4 well-constructed gym sessions a week, I have shed over half a stone and reduced my body fat by just over 5% in less than 28 days.

The training sessions were hard work, but I had a great sense of achievement at the end of each one!

I ate well before I met Scott but with his expert advice I was able to eat more than usual, which was a great benefit. I frequently go out for lunches and dinners with clients for my job, but Scott was able to adapt my diet to my individual lifestyle so that I was still able to enjoy events whilst shifting the pounds.

Having completed the training program, I am so happy with my body, I achieved my goals and most importantly, I have been given the motivation to keep going for the big day next year!

Thank you so much Scott for your help! Your program and diet plan were brilliant and you were a great support throughout.


I came to Scott in February 2013 because of one simple reason. I thought I was fat and needed to change the way I looked and felt. I hated every single part of my body and needed it changed ASAP! I was seeing results of his clients and was thinking “I want that!”

I’m only 17 but have struggled with weight loss for ages and tried a whole bunch of other diets which I never stuck to because they didn’t work fast enough or where confusing and couldn’t fit in to the hectic social life of a teenager.

So Scott and I came up with a plan to loss as much weight as possible in 12 weeks. In the first 2 weeks I lost 11lbs which I was a huge shock. The diet was simple and was tailored to suit me. This meant I could easily stick to it because it fitted around school, work and everything else!

The training and diet hasn’t been easy, including going through a stage of not being able to stand chicken, even the sight of it made me feel a little sick! But with Scott’s support and texts of encouragement along the way it made the journey much easier. Scott makes even the hardest of exercise workouts enjoyable and always greets you with a smile!

I can’t put into words how happy I am now. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal; however I’m nearly 3 dress sizes down, 40lbs lighter and I genuinely feel a thousand times better both physically and mentally.

All I have left to say is if you’re reading this don’t shut down the computer without giving Scott a call. Because if you have struggled with weight loss in the past your problems can be solved in an instant. (Well a little hard work is needed too!)


I have been training with Scott Marsh for justover 3 months and am delighted with both the service I have received andthe results I have seen in that period. He works through your goals and spends a good deal of time putting together a series of innovative training routines andnutritional recommendations to achieve them.Training with Scott is a pleasure. His approach turns a challenging workout from a chore into something to look forward to (believe it or not!). His flexibility also allows me to schedule trainingsessions around a very busy working life, even at short notice!I am pleased to give Scott a ringingendorsement and would happily recommend him to anyone looking for afitter, healthier lifestyle.


Scott has been my personal trainer for only seven months, yet this has been the best training of my life, in terms of both my adherence to the training and the goals I have achieved. Training with Scott is like a training session with any one of my friends. He has an infectious enthusiasm and a gentle but persuasive motivational manner, which enables me to complete our rigorous training sessions. Scott pushes me to my limit every week, and although each time I think I will not complete the session or improve the weight that I am lifting... I do just that, without really noticing it. Scott's innovative way of designing our changing routines means the training is never boring, and from the accurate feedback he provides both during and after our sessions, it is clear he puts a great deal of concentration and thought into relationships with his clients. In short I could not recommend Scott highly enough. Hayat Khan

Scott is a great trainer, always upbeat, professional and ready to push you to your best. Whilst training with him I managed to lose enough weight to get into that Christmas party dress as well as tone up, which were my key goals. I get bored of the gym or anything too repetitive, but Scott changed my program each week and kept me motivated with new challenges pushing me a little further each time and even managed to fit my training in around my hectic work life! I'm really pleased with the results and would recommend this training without hesitation to anyone wanting noticeable results.


If you train with Scott Marsh you need to know three things.

  • He REALLY knows his stuff!
  • He makes training fun
  • He gets the results!

Not only did I go down two belt notches in a month but I had fun and laughed a lot in the process. After 4 months I am stronger, fitter and healthier than I have EVER been in my life. Not only is my self confidence up but as each day goes by I find myself even more motivated to continue achieving and setting new fitness goals. Training with Scott was the best investment I made in 2010.


I would just like to say a very big thank you to Scott for his patience and support over the past few weeks. I very much enjoy training with him. He is always very encouraging and supportive during my sessions, always pushing me to keep going, accepting no excuses on my part (which I need). I always leave feeling good about myself and proud of what I have accomplished each time.

I am very very happy with my weight loss and the changes I am starting to see in my body. Most of all I generally feel very good in myself. I am a happier, stronger person and I couldn't have done it without his help. I look forward to continuing to train with him in the future and build on the results I have


Working with Scott has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. He is fun and extremely enthusiastic and very professional and makes working out a fun and enjoyable experience. I joined after my Wife had been going training with him for over a year.

When I turned up I wasn't sure what to expect but Scott's personality immediately put me at ease. After doing an extremely thorough assessment he developed a personalized program which has worked wonders for me.

For the first time in years I was able to raise my legs almost vertical when lying on my back. During our time together I lost the weight I had been carrying and obviously became much fitter.

So in short Scott is a brilliant personal trainer and I miss no longer being able to work with him.


I have completed my first 30 days with Scott Marsh as my trainer. I have achieved more results in a month than I have ever achieved on my own in a gym. His knowledge, humour and use of subtle progression techniques, forced my body to constantly adapt whilst making working out fun and enjoyable. I felt like I was improving all the time.

It was great to have someone to give me direction and push me hard but have a laugh as well!

I have tried many gyms in my time and always felt a bit lost and not sure what exercises or classes to do to get results. But after a workout with Scott I always felt like I had worked hard and walked away feeling good and confident.

If anyone is debating training with Scott Marsh, I say just go for it you couldn't possibly regret it!


Scott has brought the enjoyment back to fitness for me. The sessions that I attend are always fun and I feel motivated to achieve my fitness goals.

He keeps the training fresh so it's impossible to get bored. Since I started training with Scott I've achieved great results and I would highly recommend him.


Just finished a month’s training programme with Scott and I am a completely different person! I have hip mobility and back problems and Scott was very sensitive, and produced a programme that focused on my weaknesses. He also adapted the exercises on a weekly basis as he understood more about my condition whilst always being cheerful and supportive. Now I am stronger, my back pain has disappeared and I recently tackled a high wire course with my 9 year old son, which I could not have dreamed of prior to my sessions with Scott.


I signed up to personal training with two goals in mind. One being to increase my fitness and strength to enable me to be able to ride better and to confidently and successfully compete my lovely new horse, and secondly to lose the stone I had put on since working and commuting to London.

I signed up to personal training with two goals in mind. One being to increase my fitness and strength enabling me to compete on my lovely new horse, and secondly to lose the stone I had put on since working and commuting to London.

From the moment I started training with Scott I've enjoyed fitness more than I have ever done in the 20 odd years I've been attending gyms. The personal training set-up and individually tailored programme really works for me motivationally as I'm not working alone and there is a real science, which is clearly explained, behind what I'm doing.

Scott clearly understands my needs and is as motivated by my success as I am. He knows just how hard to push me to ensure maximum success and steady progression.

The results...... I've got more energy and zest for life and work than I've had for years! My initial signing of 3 months has turned into another year, I'm hooked! And to cap it all, I'm over a stone down in weight already and I recently took my horse to his first competition and we won!


Scott Marsh has been a fantastic find for me. I went to see him for several reasons:

  1. To lose some kilos
  2. To regain my depleted energy levels

Scott's direction on diet and weight loss was great. Ditch the processed carbohydrates he said; he was of course right. Stop with the cereals and toast at breakfast. Give them up and you will find yourself wearing small jeans in no time at all. He was right. Eat more protein he said; my chicken and grapefruit salad is now a much talked about combination down the gym these days.

After a month my energy levels were much better. It's a lifestyle thing after all and being of a generation educated about diet and exercise in an entirely different way, Scott was a revelation.

His gentle but persuasive manner is all pervading; even the 'finishers' at the end of a session which at first were daunting and exhausting now no longer hold fear for me. My levels of fitness and strength have increased dramatically over these 5 months and it's the little things I notice. For example, I don't need to lean on a chair to put my wellies on, I can stand on one leg to do this now and trugs full of garden rubbish I can practically twirl around my head (well a bit of an exaggeration there perhaps)

I would commend Scott to you, whatever your goal. I wouldn't want to train with anyone else.