Mind The…

Ever been on the London Underground?


I betcha have!


Close and confined, snotty noses, armpits in faces and the that lovely person reminding us at each station to…


‘Mind The Gap’


There are 2 gaps to consider when it comes to long term results.


One you probably are already are aware of.


But the other….


Well it’s the gap that most forget and the one that is probably costing you your results.


Y’see the first gap involves knowing where you are right now and knowing where you want to get to.


The distance between the two is ‘The Gap’.


Most of us know this gap well and address it accordingly when we turn our sights to transformation.


But the other gap…


Well this involves knowing WHO you are right now and WHO you need to be in order to get where you want.


You know it yourself, you can give 2 people access to the same information, tools, hacks and strategies.


Yet one can win. And one can fail.


How can this happen?


Well y’see the difference comes in how the person applies those ‘golden nuggets’.


Anyone can have access to information these days, but the thing that people struggle with is the application.


A question that I might have you ponder today is identifying your own personal ‘gap’ – the one between who you are now and who you need to be to get what you want.


If you spend enough time around people who set their goals and succeed, you’ll begin to notice key traits in their personalities, their behaviours, their habits and their approach.


Their results are not by chance.


Part of their success will of course be based upon having access to the correct information, but equally part of it will be based on the strategies they use to stay committed and the strategies they use to stay consistent.


The good news is that if you can open your mind enough to identify ‘what’s missing’ – what your gap is….


You can work on them.


You can grow.


And you can achieve whatever it is you so wish.


It’s why I like to get my gang to address both ‘Gaps’ before they begin their pursuit….


So friend…what skills, behaviours and habits do you need to work on, to close the gap and turn fantasy to reality?

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