Bsc. (Hons), C.S.C.S



Scott Marsh is a coach who leads by example.

In 2006 he embarked upon a life-changing journey which saw him drop over 100lbs in weight and 18’’ from his waist through self-motivated lifestyle change.

He’s one of the few coaches who can honestly quote that he has been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

After such dramatic life change, Scott was inspired to change his career path and offer his energy, passion and experience to those that found themselves in situations similar to himself.

Having gained essential experience in the industry working as Head Coach at Phoenix Pro Fitness, Godalming under Charlotte Ord (Personal Trainer of the Year 2010 and coach of ‘The Biggest Loser’) Scott continued to pursue his hunger for further education after his degree.

Scott has studied with some of the top trainers, nutritionists and coaches from around the world to build an extensive knowledge base which goes well beyond the normal expectations of an average personal trainer. He is also an accredited member with the prestigious NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and the UKSCA (United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association), both of which are considered the gold standard of certification agencies for elite trainers.

Having qualified as a nutritional coach, Scott quickly realised from his own experiences that mindset played a crucial role in lasting transformation and became aware of a missing link in his expertise. He went on to study NLP, Mindfulness and Dax Moy’s ‘Mindmap Mastery’ giving him the ability to help clients at a much deeper level, help people combat life long battles with food and get off the diet rollercoaster.

In 2017, as a challenge Scott entered a Duathlon with a client of his. Having not come from a sporting background of any kind he was surprised to find after a first race that he placed well. He caught the bug, employed his own coach and less than a year after his first ‘fun’ race qualified for the GB Age Group Team representing the country at 3 world championships.

Having helped hundreds of people transform their bodies and lives over his years in the industry, working with clients from the age of 7 to 77, Scott has worked to perfect a series of systems to bring people rapid, enduring body transformation in an exciting, results focussed atmosphere.

With his endless enthusiasm, infectious energy, and extreme passion for other’s results, Scott is sure to be one of the UK’s next leading personal trainers.





Having instigated a long awaited career change out of finance into the world of health and fitness – Helen knows the challenges associated with living a healthy lifestyle with chaotic city life.

Helen’s passion for sports and fitness started from an early age with her taking part, competing, and in some cases teaching everything from gymnastics to tennis to hockey to horse-riding (particularly show jumping and dressage).

She discovered the benefits of the gym at school, especially during the winter months, and was soon such a regular attendee that she was entrusted with the unofficial job of inducting new members. She was so good that she was also given the honour of demonstrating the schools new equipment when the Queen paid them a visit in her final year.

Following school and university, her attentions turned to running which saw her complete several half-marathons, an infamous ‘Hell-Run’ and two full-marathons. With her success in the running realm, Helen found herself always being asked to help with others running and fitness goals. Always willing to help and keen to progress her own training, Helen thought it was time to formalise her efforts and thus formally educated herself to successfully completed an International Diploma in Advanced Personal Training.

Today Helen is proud to be able to call herself a member of the Xcelerate Fitness team and hopes her highly motivated, positive attitude will help inspire others to achieve their health and fitness goals.




Jason started off his journey as a young lad who struggled with his weight all through primary school and most of secondary school. His parents got him stuck into Martial Arts when he was 7 years old and that lead him onto becoming a Martial Arts Coach and Personal Trainer by the age of 18. Jason has coached clients of all ages and abilities, on the mats, in the studio, online or via Zoom!

As he furthers into his years of coaching he has taken an interest in bettering himself for his clients benefit by enrolling in specific nutrition and movement qualifications.

Jason strives to make every session as fun as possible with different challenges and strategies to make you leave with a sense of fulfilment and a feel good attitude!





Sammy has spent her teenage years and young adulthood working at reception for our neighbours: Genesis Gym. During this time she has continued to work on her own health and fitness goals including continuing her Kickboxing journey and achieving her 1st Dan Black Belt. In 2018 Sammy took a step back from kickboxing whilst having her hip injury fixed, resulting in hours upon hours spent in the gym focusing on rebuilding her strength resulting in a new found interest for strength and conditioning.

Over the years, Sammy has developed a key interest for all aspects of health and fitness, which became apparent during her university days where she had the opportunity to create and design projects based around improving access to fitness. In more recent times, Sammy has spent the last year during the 2020 lockdown(s) working on her own health and fitness as an Xcelerate’s client, whereby she has achieved her weight loss and healthy mindset goals. During the hundreds of spare hours of lockdown 1.0 and 2.0 Sammy got stuck in and qualified as a Personal Trainer.

You’ll find Sammy coaching in the studio throughout the week alongside working away on admin, social media and lots more!




Sekhar played various sports at school including football, cricket, and took part in middle-distance running, but started taking his fitness seriously after starting Taekwon-Do aged 14.

After finding his passion he progressed through the ranks to 4th Dan black belt, whilst assisting in the coaching of classes and eventually building his own club in 2009. Sekhar has also competed both nationally and internationally in his sport.

Taekwon-Do helped Sekhar learn about the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise, the pitfalls of overtraining, and how to manage his weight and nutrition, particularly in preparation for competitions.

As time went by Sekhar decided to train up as a personal trainer so that he could apply his coaching skills on a more personal level to a broader client base.

He has a keen eye for technique and likes to push his clients appropriately so they can get the very most out of their sessions whilst having fun along the way!

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