And a big ole SPLUTTER!


Man! I have the flu bad!


I have spent the last few days tucked up under a blanket, swigging Lemsip, watching Netflix, recalling the day when food tasted of something and feeling awfully sorry for myself.


I even let out a few token ‘Man Flu Wimpers’ which grate upon my wife like nails on a chalkboard.


I was in such a sorry state that even as I slipped on my running gear on Sunday morning, I lasted two or three heavy steps admitted defeat and went on the retreat.

Following that, ‘red mark’ after ‘red mark’ began being logged as ‘missed sessions’ in my training diary after weeks of solid greens.


Damn it!


When you get thrown a curve ball, something that isn’t in your control, it’s easy to get demotivated.


That’s if you don’t understand the science about how long term results are really formed.


Did you know that on its way to landing astronauts safely on the moon, the Apollo rocket was only ‘on course’ 2-3% of the time.


Which meant for at least 97% of the time it took to get from the earth to the moon it was considered off-course.


So how did Armstrong and Aldrin eventually get their butts on the moon, take one step for man and one giant leap for man kind?


Through ‘Course Correction’.


Y’see one of the biggest fallacies of transformation is that results are linear.


I’ve trained people for over 10 years and lost over 100lbs myself, my friend, I will tell you that from experience they certainly are not.


The quicker you can drop that faulty belief, the quicker you will get what you want.


If you track the progress of a long term transformation over the course of a year, you will see peaks, troughs and plateaus.


Sometimes they are winning and the stars are aligned


Sometimes they are failing and wondering why on earth they even bothered.


But the key to getting people the results they yearn for?


A solid view of the ‘finish line’ – Knowing what it looks like and how to get there


And a lot of course correction along the way.


‘Course Correction’ in the weight loss category is not sexy.


It requires trying new things out, adjusting things up and down, changing methods and modalities.


But the one thing that slows it down…emotion.

The more emotional we get about the times we ‘aren’t winning’ the longer it takes us to ‘stop falling’


So my friend, if life has thrown you a curve ball, this year or last….


Just have a little ponder to thyself…is it time to throw in the towel as your head may be telling you…or just time to course correct and get back heading in the right direction?

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