Where We Meeting?

The most common questions I get asked by new recruits:


Am I too old?

Am I too fat?

Am I too unfit?

Am I too injured?


It’s a fair question for anybody about to take the leap into transforming their lives, right?


Afterall, nobody likes to feel like they won’t be able to succeed.


Nobody likes to feel like they’ll be the slowest or the worst.


Yet time after time I hear horror stories of inappropriate strategies being given to folks which are setting them up for failure before they even start.


^^^ Way to boost people’s confidence…


We work with a HUGE variety of clients here at Xcelerate from all different backgrounds, all different ages, with all different levels of injuries and of all different shapes and sizes.


Just today I had a consult with 1 person who was due a knee replacement, the other due a hip replacement.

Yesterday I had a consult with someone at 25 stone ready to take the big leap.


Last week I had a consult with a lovely chap looking to hit a PB at half marathon.


We really do have them all in our gang!


No matter what your goal though – there is one key to success that so many miss:


Find a plan or program that you can happily commit too day in day out, for a sustained period of time until all the little habits and behaviors that are bringing you success just become a part of life without any form of resistance.


It really is as simple as that.


So if you can’t stick to it – you’re on the wrong plan

If you’re bored – you’re on the wrong plan

If you’re sick of X – you’re on the wrong plan

If you’re longing to go back to the days when you could eat chocolate – you’re on the wrong plan

If it hurts you (aka aggravates your injury) – Sheesh you’re on the wrong plan.


To get people on the RIGHT plan for them there is one rule I hold.




Not where they were….

Not where they want to be…

Where they are RIGHT NOW!


It’s a non negotiable.


What worked for them 25 years ago….probably won’t work now.


What was posted on Instagram or facebook just yesterday…probably won’t work for them now.


You are an individual and you need your own individual strategy.


The nutritional and exercise strategy for someone who is at 25 stone and 50% bodyfat should NOT look like the plan you give to someone looking to drop a dress size.


The nutritional and exercise strategy for an athlete should NOT look like the plan you give someone who just wants to optimize their health and tone up a bit.


The plan ALWAYS starts with YOU.


It’s why in every consultation we take a 20,000 foot view of where you are, your nutritional history, your successes, your failures, your likes, dislikes, your hormonal environment, your digestion, your stress levels and your lifestyle to give us the best possible starting ground to get you the results you deserve.


We meet you where you are.


So now we’ve covered that one….


You ready? Click here à  www.xceleratefitness.co.uk/apply


Scott ‘You’re Always Enough!’ Marsh

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