Red Suits & Scratchy Beards

It’s become a bit of a tradition.


Red felt suits, white scratchy beards and a bit of sweat for good measure.


Yesterday marked our 7th year as a group participating at the annual Marlow Santa Fun Run.


As per usual we had a super turn out and everyone left ‘buzzing’ – chuffed with their own individual achievements!


Each year our Xcelerate gang together participate in various different challenges.


From scaling Snowdon to completing the famous three peaks challenge


From rolling around in mud races all the way through to completing our very own adventure triathlon ‘The Dragon’ that saw us scale a mountain, paddle a lake and abseil a quarry all in 12hours.


So why do I bother meticulously planning such regular events for my gang?


Well truth be told – for a lot more reasons than you may think.


First and foremost – let’s face it.


Weight loss is boring.


There is only so long that a person can maintain the excitement and motivation to consistently chase numbers on the scale and eat a diet similar to that of a pet bunny.


However, one nifty trick I learned from my own weight loss journey was that if you set small and regular targets/challenges for yourself that hold you accountable to eating well, moving more and staying on track – not only can you bag yourself some big old ‘confidence points’ by completing things you said you’d do – but look and feel a whole lot better in yourself too!


(Plus it gives your gym work a whole new lease of life and purpose!)


Secondly participating in challenges (particularly social ones) helps wire your brain for success.


I kid you not!


Dopamine for example is a key neurotransmitter that our brain produces that nudges us to DO STUFF. It’s the main reason we can focus and achieve great things even if the payout is not immediate or obvious.


Dopamine is released when we are working towards things and when we achieve them/finish them.


More Little challenges = More Dopamine Release = More Motivation To Achieve Other Goals.


On the same level, oxytocin, another neurotransmitter – also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ helps us forget ourselves and our problems and feel loved.


When is it released? – when we increase our connections with people and bond socially.


Hence why we do these challenges as a group :- )


And finally – behind most weight loss and fat loss goals lies a desire to find happiness.


From someone who has been there and done it.


After many years in pursuit. The eventual number achieved on the scale was the greatest con of all!


It took a long time for me to realise that my happiness would never reside in a number on the scale but instead be a result of the things I learned, the people I met, the relationships I formed and the adventures I had in pursuit of that number.


Happiness comes from GROWTH.


Come join our gang:


Scott Marsh
Personal Trainer Marlow

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