Marlow Personal Trainer – How To Start Your 2018 With A Bang

How to be in the 1% that will get what they want out of their New Years Resolutions.

1. Hold Ya Horses Chum – Understand that when you are feeling slow, sluggish and ‘out of sync’ with your routine it puts you in a weak position for setting transformational goals.

2. When you are feeling this way you look for ‘quick fixes’ and ‘temporary high’s’ which leads you to ‘grab a goal’, any goal that might give some relief. If you don’t know what you want, why you want it, when you want it by (be realistic friend…) and how you are going to do it…you need more time…

3. Instead of sprinting out the gates on January 1st, plodding the pavements, unearthing the swiss ball, 1990’s workout VHS and begin eating an abundance of kale with everybody else only to hit your motivational threshold prematurely, get bored, burn out and give up…SLOW DOWN…take the first week of January to reflect and plan.

4. Assess the year just gone and count your wins. Count your wins across ALL AREAS of your life from relationships, to your career, to your personal development, to your emotional wellbeing, to your fitness to fun. Once you get jotting you’ll realise you’ve achieved a hell of a lot more than you’ve given yourself credit for. This will not only put you in a POSITIVE frame of mind to set goals but it will allow you to move onto step 5.

5. Success Leaves Clues – You may be yet to realise it, but those things you ‘won’ at in 2017 required two things. Your focussed energy and your commitment. No matter what area you have ‘won’ at, read between the lines, you’ve got your roadmap already there inside your head…. Allowing you to start your year from a place of POWER rather than WEAKNESS.

6. Capacity First – You will only ever achieve as much as you have the capacity (emotionally and physically) for. No matter what your goal. Start with YOU. Who do you need to be and how do you need to feel to be able to give the time, energy and commitment to the goal you have set yourself? More capacity = Greater ability to take action = More results.

7. Remember The Dailys! – It is the habits you commit to daily that add up over time and get you the results you want. Building on ‘Capacity First’, spend your first week of January learning what are the key things you must do daily to be in a position to perform at your best…not just for your goal but in your day to day life.

8. Once Armed, make a damn plan! And make sure you have key performance indicators for every 30 days so that you have some form of self-accountability and so that you can course correct and still hit target if things don’t go your way.

9. Execute!

You’re welcome :- )

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