I Got Banned From Saying These 3 Words…



In fact there have been three things I’ve been banned from talking about in our household as of late.


  • The temperature
  • The weather
  • The darkness


And the bonus ban…I’m no longer allowed to use the phrase:


‘We should have booked a holiday’


Now I know I’m not the only one suffering!


Client after client has reported the extra energy it has taken them to get to the gym, how their cravings have increased for comfort ‘stodge’ and how they feel like they are losing entire days to the darkness and substituting all their good habits for some sofa and blanket time.


Besides from our habits changing with the seasons, the grim winter also can have a dramatic impact on your weight loss results, your sleep and how you feel.


The big player in this comes down to our lack of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ this time of year: vitamin d.


And it’s a ‘hot topic’ – (Ok I’m done)


Low levels of vitamin D can:

  • Hamper our immune system and open us up to illness and flu
  • Lower our mood (and even contribute to depression)
  • Cause us to feel fatigue and tiredness
  • Limit our ability to deal with carbohydrates and sugars
  • And much much more


Told you it was a ‘hot topic’


But with the darkness causing such havoc what can we do?


There are multiple nutrition interventions we can make to optimize results this time of year including supplementation (although it’s worth getting your levels checked first by a doc)


But one of my favourite interventions:  ‘Midday Mass’


We know that one of our key ways of increasing our ‘D’ is to get outside in the sun.


And with the sun peaking in winter time around the midday mark it’s a key opportunity for you to get that butt outside, enjoy the lunchbreak that you are actually paid for and get an increase of the ‘good stuff’.


Research shows you need about 20 minutes exposure to receive any real benefit.


But you’ll be pleased to know that a bit of fresh air has many other benefits too.


Wanna hear them?


Well I thought you’d never ask:


  • Walking in nature is associated with the lowering of a hormone called cortisol. It’s reduction in the body helps with belly fat reduction.
  • Low level walking can aid fat being released from the fat cells
  • It can reduce cravings particularly for carbohydrates and sugars
  • It has lots of research in regards to boosting mood and helping with depression
  • It inserts natural pauses into your day and changing your environments helps to clear the mind and improve focus for the rest of the day ahead.


Nifty huh?


In fact, walking outside is one of my key little interventions I use with many of my girls when they hit a plateau – particularly if they’re are pre- peri or post menopausal.


Maybe there is something afterall in the ’10,000 steps a day’ craze


Get that butt outside girl!


Scott ‘Cold, Wet, Dark’ Marsh
Personal Trainer Marlow


P.S. I should have booked a holiday.

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