I’ve worked with people from all backgrounds with all sorts of goals, day in day out for the past 12 years.
The first thing I notice when I meet with people struggling is time and time again how complex they have managed to make the predicament they’re in.
One lady bless her who wanted to lose a lot of weight for example was telling me about all the complex plans she’d tried (ones I’d never even dream of using myself let alone with my most advanced clients) the amount of money she had spent to date trying to find a solution, the blood tests she had been through, the biological testing… yet still was to see a result.
It’s no surprise really.
With information in abundance these days at the click of the button
We add and we add things to the list of things we could do, but due to our lack of understanding of how things fit together and how we can employ them successfully in our lives we fail to move forwards.
May I introduce you to…The Frustration Formula
The sure fire way to exhaust your resources and see no change time and time again.
Step 1: Learn about more stuff you could/should do
Step 2: Learn about more stuff you could/should do
Step 3: Learn about more stuff you could/should do
The reason this information gathering is frustrating to clients is because they become aware of what they COULD do…
But due to the volume of information accumulated and lack of understanding behind it, it instead leaves them overwhelmed and unable to see the light through the trees.
Which leads to failure of action.
And then.
I say it time and time again with everybody that I work with….
It’s less about the INFORMATION and more about the APPLICATION
If a person cannot successfully apply the information they have learned….its either too much too soon, or they need it explained in a different way.
One thing I love about what I do and that I feel differentiates me from the masses is one thing.
I keep things VERY simple for all my gang no matter what their goal
One of my talents is that I am excellent at being able to communicate complex topics in simple ways.
Success and improvement comes from one thing.
Being able to apply information at the right time, in the right circumstances and in the right way allows a client to connect the dots between what they already know and what they need to know in order to move forwards.
Need a helping hand, sifting through all that information, connecting the dots and seeing success?
Scott ‘Anti Frustration Formula’ Marsh
Personal Trainer Marlow

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