Fire Over Here! Fire Over There!

Ever feel like you’re chasing your tail?

I hear ya sister!

I’ve had one of those months where as I look back and tot up my wins and my losses all I can do is but sit and wonder….

‘Where did it all that time go?!?’

And also ‘how did I achieve so little?’

Sure, like you, at the start of November I had my goals, the things I needed to get done.

But whenever I started! Whenever I got myself in a position to knuckle down. Whenever I had created the headspace to concentrate and focus…

Something came up!
Then something else!
Then something else!

And just as I was done with dowsing all the fires over there, some other fires started somewhere else.

And they weren’t big fires either. Probably the sort you find yourself putting out on a daily basis?

Y’know, dealing with emails, phone calls, work, family commitments, food shops, chores etc.

Combined together though they created enough force to leave me with no time for myself let alone my goals.

It left me exhausted.

The problem with feeling like you are constantly putting out fires is that it saps your energy, kills your motivation, steals your focus turns your aspirations to – ‘Next Monday Goals’.

Aka ‘Never Gonna Happen Goals’ ^^^

You may have heard me talk about ‘Capacity’ before, and how you need to have a good amount of capacity whether it be mentally or physically to successfully achieve your goals.

What we’re really talking about is the importance of creating enough space for you to thrive, hit your goals and grow in confidence.

I get it though.

Once you get started on your fire fighting mission or take a trip on the ‘misery merry go round’ as I like to call it, it can be incredibly difficult to get off yourself off again.

You may even believe it to be selfish….

Well it just so happens that I am sat writing to you today as part of my own personal ‘INTERVENTION’.

I’ve dubbed it my ‘GSD’ or ‘GSS’ Day – My Get Poop Done Day/ My Get Poop Sorted Day (Obviously you can change the letters around to suit your own personal vocabulary)

But I’ve also gone one step further…I’ve tactically scheduled into my diary for the weeks ahead little miniature GSD slots.

And the purpose?

To protect my mood, focus, concentration, motivation and productivity.


There are a few rules to my GSD/GSS allocated time slots.

– My telephone is OFF
– My emails are OFF
– I installed a ‘social media’ blocker on my computer so that even if I am tempted to sit and waste time looking through the ‘highlight reels’ of others, it won’t work for an allocated amount of time I set.
– I am sat in a lovely location, with the sun shining in
– I am in an environment that is conductive to results

And now…..I’m on my way.

The fires can wait.

Our ladies here at Xcelerate work with us for exactly the same reason.

To get a bit of space, remove themselves from the daily stresses and attend a place where the environment is conductive to results.

Working with us is their personal GSD/GSS time.

And it works.

Ready to get Poop Done?

Sick of Chasing Your Tail?

Fill in the form chum and let’s get you on your way:

Scott Marsh
Personal Trainer Marlow

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